This recipe is for a quick and easy macaroni and cheese that's creamier than our traditional baked version. And just as with the baked version, you can use any flavor of cheese you want! Velveeta is certainly a family favorite, but a blend of shredded cheddar, muenster and monterey jack is great too!

2 T. butter
2 T. flour
Salt and pepper (I use white pepper so the children don't see it!)
1 c. milk
3 ounces American, Velveeta cheese or any flavor desired
8 ounces of pasta (macaroni or any shape desired), cooked al dente and drained

Melt butter over medium heat and stir in flour, making a rue. Add milk with a wire whisk and continue cooking until thickened. Add salt and pepper, then cheese. Stir until cheese is completely melted (being careful not to burn it!), then pour over over hot pasta and serve.

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